Our Values

Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop; they help us to create the future we want to experience. Every individual and every organisation has values and the decisions we make reflect our values and beliefs.

As Restore, we believe that God has given us the following values as a part of our church DNA:

  • Relationship: We believe that God is a relational God, and that we should reflect this as a church
  • Generosity: We believe that God is incredibly generous, and so we seek to reflect this in our lives
  • Mission: We believe that we are all called to be missionaries into the communities that we are a part of, and we seek to encourage and empower this process
  • Inclusivity: We love that God made us all unique and individual, and aim to be a church that includes all and which respects and values our differences
  • Multi-Generational: We believe that every age-group and generation has an active contribution to make into the life of the church today, and seek to encourage and welcome this
  • Kingdom: We believe that we are called to establish God’s kingdom in our local community, but that we are just one part of this as a church. We love and actively work to bless all the other local churches, and honour and value different traditions and styles of church and worship