Finding Freedom

What is Finding Freedom?

Finding Freedom is a name given to a way of living out the teaching of Jesus that practically enables us to live out of Holy Spirit revelation and our authority in Christ.

The Finding Freedom Course (in its various forms) help us to understand that we have a unique God-given original design and then provide the tools to begin more fully living in that design. Along the way, we challenge our familiarity with the physical realm, rediscovering that our lives, experiences and conflicts are profoundly intertwined with the supernatural realm.

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What’s been its impact on us?

Nine years ago – a small number of us attended a Jesus Ministry conference at ChristChurch Fulham.    We were all deeply impacted – so much so, the next year we took 50 of our congregation back to experience Jesus Ministry for themselves.  It has deeply changed our lives and had a significant impact our church. Since then, with the support from our friends at Christchurch Fulham and others, we have run our own courses to help people begin living with a new level of freedom and joy.

We have seen so much fruit from partnering with the Holy Spirit to help people confront the lies of the enemy and live in truth with authority, simplicity and power. We are far from the finished article, but we invite others to come and join us on an exciting adventure with our heavenly father.

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How does Finding Freedom help the church?

The different aspects of Finding Freedom aim to help us to:

  • Understand God really does love us, has a unique design for us and is our greatest encourager
  • Hear and discern the voice of the Lord and understand the way of the Spirit
  • Discern the deceptive and hidden works of the evil one and to defeat them
  • To live in the extraordinary supernatural inheritance we have in Christ and manifest Christ’s victory in practical ways in our everyday lives
  • Enable us to pull down and demolish strongholds that hinder us knowing God and being like him
  • Enable us to lead others into greater levels of freedom to express Christ’s life through them

We believe that the biblical truths expressed through Finding Freedom act as a foundation upon which almost every expression of the Kingdom needs to be founded. This is not a method, nor a formula, but the reshaping of the way we think and behave so that we live genuinely supernatural lives.

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How does this all happen at Restore?

The Finding Freedom course is an introduction to this journey, aimed at helping us discover some of God’s original design for us – and overcoming the areas of our lives where we are not living fully in the victory and freedom that Jesus has bought for us.

The topics include: The Father Heart of God; Understanding the Spiritual Realm; Hearing God’s Voice; The Nature of Strongholds and Access Points; The Power of Repentance; Replacing behaviours.

We offer two individual prayer appointments with members of our Finding Freedom prayer team.  The first to ask God about the person’s original design and the second to help the person work through things that may be holding them back from all God has planned for them.

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Freedom Prayer Sessions

We also offer prayer sessions for members of the congregation and these are arranged as they are requested.  In time, we would like to have a number of set sessions that people can come to. For more information about Finding Freedom and/or to request a Freedom Prayer Session please click here to email the team.

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