Welcome to Restore Kids!

Restore Kids is for children to encounter Jesus,
to grow in relationship with God and with each other.

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We’re here to learn together

big people and little people

To love Jesus and be loved by him, discover how special God made each of us, and to cooperate with God as we make a difference in our families, schools, communities and beyond.

Everyone can know Jesus and follow him – there’s no age or height requirement! God promises to pour out his Holy Spirit on all people. He wants to change the world through his people and ‘yes’ people of any age can join in.

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We have a lot of fun together

Learning and growing and playing

Some of the things that are important to us:
Making friends * Singing and dancing * Encouraging each other * Talking with Jesus * Being safe * Exploring stories from the Bible * Practicing our gifts * Listening to the Holy Spirit * Learning new things * Making cool stuff * Eating together * Doing what Jesus says *

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We love meeting new people

Come and get involved – it’s going to be fun!

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